Customer-specific pump engineering means: Every pump is a unique Egger specimen! Your specification, our experience and our design programs combined with materials competence make it certain that a pump will be produced that exactly fulfils your requirements.

As a planning aid and as a basis for subsequent production, we have modern, computer-supported instruments available:

  • Design programs
  • Validated flow simulation programs (CFD)
  • Finite element analysis for critical elements
  • Construction by 3D-CAD

The integration of proven components and hydraulic systems makes possible the efficient production of your pumping solution. Egger is an experienced partner in the transport of demanding fluids. 

Finite element calculation of an Egger Process Pump Finite element calculation of an Egger Process Pump.

Egger Engineering Services

  • Pump design
  • Calculation of pressure drops
  • Pressure surge calculations
  • Material recommendations for particular fluids
  • Calculation of shaft performance
  • Finite element calculations (FEM) for static structural, thermic and dynamic analysis
  • Project development and construction by 3D-CAD
  • Pilot projects in our technical pumping school
  • Special designs for special pumping requirements
  • Plant optimization through volumetric flow measurement and pump customization

3D modelling of an Egger process pump 3D modelling of an Egger process pump.