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Emile Egger & Cie SA is a medium-sized, independent and owner-operated Swiss industrial enterprise with a concentration on the development and manufacture of pumps and Iris® diaphragm control valves.

Owner-led enterprise since 1947

The Swiss pumping pioneer Emile Egger founded the company in 1947 in Cressier and began to manufacture immediately. Already back then, the speciality was already the pumping of fluids laden with solids and gas. Thanks to its careful, step-by-step expansion, the enterprise was able to retain its independence and has remained a family undertaking to this day.

Our Mission: «Trusted partner for engineered pump solutions»

As an independent, family business which develops and manufactures pumps, we lead the field in providing solutions to the challenges of conveying difficult fluids, giving long-term, reliable support to our customers helping them to succeed.

The basis for our success is the Swiss emphasis on quality

Egger pumps are durable. The sustainability of our products has formed the basis for our company's good reputation for 75 years. Even in today's manufacturing culture, it has remained our goal to manufacture pumps of exceptionally long endurance. Egger Pumps will continue to be characterised in the years to come by their long trouble-free operation and high availability.

In western Switzerland, in Cressier on Lake Neuenburg, lies the first Egger plant. It is still being used today for administrative purposes. Today, several large manufacturing plants are available for production In western Switzerland, in Cressier on Lake Neuchâtel, lies the first Egger plant. It is still being used today for administrative purposes. Today, several large manufacturing plants are available for production.
Castel Neuchâtel with Lake Neuchâtel Castel Neuchâtel with Lake Neuchâtel. In this beautiful countryside, it's fun to be producing Egger pumps! Photo: Villars Graphic

Step-by-step internationalisation

We seek to be close to our customers – geographically, as well. Thus, in the course of the years, we have built subsidiaries in 10 European countries, Asia and North America. A network of trading partners puts us that much closer to our customers.

Learn more about the history of our sales network.

A corporate culture of ethical and social responsibility

Maximisation of profit has never been and is not now the focus of our decision-making. The attitude of the owner's family is driven much more by the sense of responsibility that one of the largest work providers and teachers feels toward the canton of Neuenburg. The workplace security of the – in some cases – several generations of employees working at the company is of special concern to company management.

Lehrwerkstatt Emile Egger Emile Egger is one of the largest apprentices companies in the canton of Neuchâtel. In the picture, a polytechnician apprentice in the Egger training workshop

Historical Egger pump TN in Ni-Hard in horizontal design on base plate with V-belt drive

Egger Team Egger Team

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